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Save Me by Natalie-Nicole Bates *Author Spotlight*

Natalie Nicola Bates Author Spotlight - Save Me
Genre: Paranormal Romance

For over one hundred years, Daniel Tremont searched for the woman who brought him back from the dead after a tragic fire. He is sure she is the love of his life. When he finally catches up with her, he realizes he’s made a terrible mistake.


Alone in his grief, Daniel stumbles upon the remains of a long shuttered insane asylum. In the distance, he sees a beautiful young woman beckon to him.


Is she real, or simply the spirit of a long dead former inmate of the asylum?


Brecklin is at the asylum to spend the last day of her life alone. Daniel’s arrival now complicates her plans. But Brecklin soon realizes Daniel isn’t an ordinary man. He is an extraordinary man. He needs her to save him, and in return, he will save her. Can she believe long enough to alter the course of her fading life, and maybe in return, find a forever love?

SAVE ME (Book 2)



SEE ME (Rise Book 1)


Short Excerpt

     A vision in pink.

     He blinked hard to be sure he was seeing what he thought.

     It was a woman standing in the open doorway of the morgue. Her long, almost waist length dark hair flowed over a pink dress that nearly reached her ankles. Her feet were bare.

     Daniel’s heart began to beat double time in his chest, as she crooked a finger at him.

     Was she real? Or was she some spirit of a former patient from Barrow Haven?

     He seen some oddities over the years, most likely because of his eternal condition. But never a ghost or spirit like this one. She absolutely shined, and he found himself rooted to the spot, unable to lift his sneakered feet.

     When she blew him a kiss, his feet unstuck, and he walked towards her. Just as he got closer, she suddenly turned, and darted into the open doorway of the morgue.

     He knew he shouldn’t pursue her. He didn’t know what she was, or what game she may be playing. Yet he picked up his pace, until he entered the open doorway where she disappeared just a minute or two earlier.

Long Excerpt

     “Daniel, if you really are what you say—eternal…can you bring me back from the dead…like you were brought back?” The words sounded so ludicrous from her lips.

     “I can, but you would have to die first. And…I won’t help you die if that’s what you’re about to ask.”

     The small hope she felt now fizzled and faded away. It was really for the best though. What did she have to return to? Nothing.

     “I’m sorry, Daniel, I can’t take that chance,”

     His face lengthened with a frown. “Why not? I’m sure I can heal you. On the off chance I can’t, I will stay be your side until the inevitable happens, and then bring you back. That is my promise.” He crossed his finger over his heart with his pledge.

     “No, no…absolutely not. Daniel. I spent a long time in the hospital, surrounded by others just like me. One by one, I watched them die. It was like a preview of my own death. I saw their pain, their suffering. I can’t…I can’t endure that. Please just let me go out on my own terms. Alone, like I planned. If you truly believe in love at first sight…that you care that much for me…you’ll leave now.”

     Tears rose in her eyes, and she furiously blinked them back.

             “I will love you forever, I promise. With you by my side, I will live again. I’ll be able to restart my business, I’ll be vital again. I will be everything you want, and more.”

     “Business?” she asked.

     “I’m a funeral director. You wouldn’t have to be involved in the business,” he added quickly. “I live above my shop, but I never operated it. I just moved into the neighborhood more than a decade ago, and just became…lost. Help me find myself again.”

    His job didn’t particularly bother her. As a matter of fact, it suited him. “Daniel, you can’t save me, and I can’t save you,” she stated sadly.

     “Believe, Brecklin. Believe.”

     Emotion filled her. A mix of anger, sadness, even outrage. “So what if I believe you, Daniel? What if every word you say is the truth? Say you heal me. Things will be perfect for what? A decade, two? Maybe even three? What happens when I’m in my sixties, if I’m lucky, my seventies? You’ll look as perfect as you are right now. I’ll be an old woman! How will you love me then? What will you tell the neighbors? Your clients? I’m your mother…your grandmother?”

     He laid his hand over her heart. “I will love you because of what you are in here. Not what you look like, or how old you become. When the inevitable happens, we’ll still be together forever.”

     She looked at him squarely. “And let’s say that’s all gospel, Daniel. What if you bring me back, and I remain an old woman. What then? Do you really think I would be happy? I would live every day in torment. I would pray for death, and it would not come, and you…you…” she shook her head in misery, unable to go on.

     “It won’t be like that,” he insisted.

     “How can you be sure?” she asked.

     “I can’t,” he admitted.  “I can’t.”

     That was all she needed to hear. No, this would not work, and she was angry with herself that she even for a moment considered it. She needed to be firm with him.

     “Daniel, understand that I’m going to do what I came here to do. When I made my decision, it was final. I erased my life. I sold everything I own. I quit my job, left my apartment behind. I spent just about everything I had left to take the bus ride here. I used my last money to buy coffee this morning, and the pennies I had left I put into the donation box at the convenience store. I am a woman with nothing left.”

     “You have me, Brecklin. No matter what, you will always have me. I will never stop loving you.  I will bring you breakfast in bed every morning, I will romance you over dinner with fingertip kisses, I will bring you flowers every day, and make love to you every night. All I want is for you to love me!

     You may not realize it right now, but you’re erasing yourself…your life? That’s perfect! It gives us both the opportunity we need to start over fresh. To begin a life together. Save me, Brecklin, and I will save you!”


Natalie-Nicole Bates is a book reviewer and author.
Her passions in life include books and hockey along with Victorian and Edwardian era photography and antique poison bottles. Natalie contributes her uncharacteristic love of hockey to being born in Russia.
She currently resides in the UK where she is working on her next book and adding to her collection of 19th century post-mortem photos and antique poison bottles.


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