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Aiden's Betrayal (Guardians of the Society Book 1) by C.T. Nicholson *Blog Tour*

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Aiden's Betrayal

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Aiden’s Betrayal- Book one in the Guardians of the Society series

A vigilante on the prowl…

A Guardian for the Society and a vampire, Aiden spends his nights hunting down those of his kind who have turned rogue. One night, he meets Elle, and it is lust at first sight. Elle is the first woman to get his attention after the loss of his mate.

Opposites attract…

Elle is a human who runs a bed and breakfast and leads a pretty simple life. On a fateful night, she ends up being dragged to a club by her friend. When she meets Aiden, he draws her to him like no other man ever has, but everything changes when she realizes he's a vampire. Just like the one who’d butchered her family and nearly killed her.

Good things don’t come easy…

As fate intervenes, Aiden brings Elle into his world to protect her from a rogue who is out to destroy them, and both woman and vampire must adjust. To give their budding relationship a fighting chance, Aiden has to get over his fear of losing another mate and Elle has to get over her fear of vampires.

Why did she agree to this torment?
Elle regarded herself in the mirror and would've gasped if it hadn't been the twentieth time she’d looked in the past five minutes. The red dress barely covered her ass and her red shoes were too high. Tonight she knew falling would be inevitable and she just felt too old at twenty-eight to start clubbing and wearing dangerously high shoes.
The makeover made her feel like she was asking to be ravaged by men and truly, maybe she needed to be. Brushing her hair once again to remove the tangles materializing every minute, she realized she did look pretty damn good thanks to her friend, Anya. If she could lose fifteen pounds and grow a few inches, her ego might boost up a little more.
Nothing wrong with dreaming.
"Isn’t it a little cold to wear something so... slutty?" She glanced over her shoulder at Anya who stood a foot taller with legs that never ended, legs men loved. Her sea green eyes gleamed with excitement as she twirled strands of her short blond hair. No man ever turned Anya down. Except if they pulled for a different team. Then again, even some of them might change sides for a chance with her.
"First of all, thanks for calling me a slut. Second, you look freaking fantastic. You’re getting laid tonight." Anya laughed as she inspected her perfectly manicured hands.
"I don’t need to get laid." She so did, but that wasn't really the point. Everything ended in sex with Anya and Elle liked having her alone time. If Anya found a man early, Elle planned to sneak back home. It was a likely situation.
Anya blew a raspberry. "Don’t get pissed at me, Ellie. You’re the one who sits at home painting and running your precious Bed and Breakfast. You need to have fun. And you need a man to screw your brains out."
Elle ignored the hated nickname and the inappropriate comment.
"I had a date a month ago and I have fun all the time." Not really. Maybe she should listen to Anya. Or not.
"You mean the lawyer where you excused yourself before the food came then never went back." Anya grinned. "I would've at least eaten dinner on his dime. And, well… You know what else I would've done."
Oh yeah, she knew. "We were there for fifteen minutes and he stayed on the phone for ten. The other five he spent getting the waitress's number."
Of course Anya would have stayed because she loved men and he would have never stayed on the phone with Anya sitting in front of him.
Sea green eyes narrowed. "Fine, forget him. What about the blind date I set you up with? He was cute and a complete gentleman with me."
Anya pursed her lips in the mirror and applied what seemed like her third coat of lipstick.
Elle laughed then stopped abruptly when Anya didn’t. "You’re kidding!"
Anya’s nose scrunched up and her smile turned down into frown.
Not kidding. "He was gay! Hot, but gay."
Sometimes Elle grew close to pulling her hair out when Anya tried to weasel with her love life. Her life was just that, hers. She didn't have time or the patience for Anya's constant meddling. If meeting a man was meant to be then it would happen but until that day came, Elle just wanted to be left alone. She definitely didn't want to go clubbing.
"Okay, Okay. I won’t hook you up with any more gay men." Anya's hands stayed in the air as she backed toward the door.
Elle threw a pillow at Anya before she disappeared down the stairs way too fast in her six-inch heels. Looking up at the ceiling, Elle prayed she survived the night in one piece. Would it be too much to ask?
A cold nose nudged her hand for attention and she smiled down at the shaggy haired dog that acted more like her spoiled child than a beloved pet. "I know girl, that crazy lady is mean. You should bite her."
Elle laughed when Princess gave a low growl. She grabbed a treat from the container on the nightstand and Princess took it quickly from her hand. "That's my girl."
"I heard that! Now hurry up!" Anya yelled up the stairs.
Elle kissed her fingers then touched them to the picture of her parents and sister sitting on her dresser. Afterward, she sauntered down the steps praying for the night to end quickly and painlessly. "Let’s get this over with."
"Don’t be so grumpy. Live a little."
She was living or at least thought she had been. Grabbing her keys, Elle headed out the door with Anya still complaining about her ‘boring’ life.
The line to the club went around the building, and at the rate the people moved forward, Elle doubted they’d get inside before closing. Fantastic.
"Oh man, I guess we should go home." Elle tried to sound upset but failed miserably.
"Ha! Like I’m letting you off the hook that easy." Anya grabbed Elle's hand to drag her toward the bouncer standing at the door. "Hey sexy, I’ve missed you!"
"Anya, it's been too long." The large bouncer, with too many tattoos and piercings, wrapped his arms around Anya.
The man actually has a real Mohawk. Elle didn’t miss the fact his hands grabbed Anya’s ass during their hug, or the way Anya pressed her barely covered breast into him. So much for going home.
"I’ve been away but I’m back for a while. My friend here is in some serious need for sex and I brought her out to have a little fun. Seems the club's pretty busy." Anya’s lip popped out and her lashes fluttered as she looked at the crowded line then back at the bouncer.
Seriously. Did she really sleep with every man she met?
"The club's been busy since the new band started playing on Friday nights, but you know you don’t have to flirt with me to get in." The bouncer unclipped the red velvet rope and waved them through.
Elle’s cheeks warmed as the waiting throng of people made disappointing ahhs and offered a few curses.
Great, now she’s one of ‘those’ girls.
Inside the music blocked every word Anya screamed at Elle as they neared the bar. Every person she passed brushed against her and she really regretted having so much skin on display.
The music wasn't something she normally listened to but the lead singer's voice sounded smooth and hypnotic. He looked the part of the typical rocker wearing his jeans with holes, black t-shirt with more holes and more than one piercing.
I really don't fit in here.
When they got to the bar, a young man with short blonde hair, blue eyes and dimples came straight to them, staring at Anya. "What can I get for you sexy ladies?"
Elle thought his words might have sounded flattering if he didn't have to yell them over the music. Bottles of booze lined up behind the bar and Elle had no clue what any of them are. "I'll have a coke!"
The bartender’s dimples disappeared with his smile. "What do you want in your coke?"
Elle leaned closer since the man clearly didn't understand her. "I just want a coke!"
"She's not getting a coke," Anya yelled over the music to the bartender. "I want a sex in the shower and she wants a..." Anya paused as she studied Elle closely. "Screaming Orgasm! Literally!"
At this rate, Elle was sure everyone in the club would know she officially had no sex life.
"I don’t want a screaming orgasm!" Elle attempted to scream over the music and damn her luck, she picked the perfect time for the music to end. Unlike what she'd seen in the movies, the whole club didn’t hear her but the people nearest her and the bartenders heard her just fine. A few men winked at her and instead of being flattered, she wanted to throw up.
Anya laughed so hard she nearly fell in the floor. "I think they all know you do now."
Elle grabbed her unwanted drink and didn’t waste time swallowing the disgusting liquid. The vodka burned and she coughed uncontrollably. Even her eyes burned. Why did people like this stuff?
"Woohoo! Let’s get her another!" Anya paid the bartender then handed Elle another shot.
Elle shaking her head didn’t stop Anya. "I don’t need another one."
She needed to go home and sleep.
"You’re going to take this and drink with me. I can’t get plastered on my own." Anya clinked glasses with Elle and forced the overflowing glass against Elle’s lips.
The liquid seemed worse the second time around. After sputtering and looking like a complete idiot, Elle watched as Anya scanned the crowd until her lips lifted into a devious smile.
"There’s the man who'll make all your dreams come true, Ellie." Anya nodded to two men strolling their direction.
Elle looked at the first man and immediately sensed he wasn’t her type. With his shaved head and tattooed neck, Elle made him out to be more Anya’s type. The man behind him however…
Muscles. A whole lot of ‘eat me up’ muscles. Dark hair hung around his strong jaw and swept his broad shoulders. His brows pulled together in deep thought as his friend spoke to Anya. Why did he look so angry?
Elle liked that his attention stayed elsewhere. It gave her more time to ogle his cover model body. He seemed to glide weightlessly across the floor. The perfect Scottish warrior stood right in front of her, close enough to touch and Elle knew she had no chance in the world to get with him.
Too bad. For once she might’ve thrown her morals and shyness out the window for a shot with the warrior.
"Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for you to find your partner for tonight. Be adventurous. Grab a stranger. Kiss them head on. Who wants to go home alone?"
The crowd boo’ed.
Really? Did Anya put the band up to that?
She wouldn't mind kissing him. He had her body reacting in a way she'd never felt before. Suddenly her mouth became dry and her heart pounded. The strange reaction had to be the shots of screaming orgasm working its magic on her body. He could give her a screaming orgasm anytime.
Wow, Elle didn’t need to drink ever again. She practically mind-raped the unsuspecting man. She felt as out of control as if he had some kind of spell on her.
She gasped when his silver gaze looked at her. She thought his body tempted her like no other but those eyes seemed to lure her in some sort of trap. He would be the one who could change her thoughts about having a one-night stand.
She'd jump at the chance if he were her option.

Aiden scanned the room for rogue vampires. The dark, smoky club didn’t impair his sight from noticing even a fly on the wall. Sweat, sex, and blood overloaded his sense of smell. Beating hearts and rushing blood tempted his ears but he refrained. His job revolved around hunting and destroying rogues, not feeding on innocent humans. If he could then he'd stick with bag blood at all cost.
Beside him, his cousin Nicolas didn’t seem to feel completely the same. His gift seemed to be watching and flirting with every female around them. He was always the one having fun while Aiden worked his ass off. Not that Aiden cared about joining in on his cousin’s fun.
"Do you ever get tired of fucking every woman around?" His gaze stayed on the crowd as he waited anxiously for the rogue to finally make a mistake.
Nicolas peeled his eyes away for a split second to shoot Aiden a devilish grin. "Do you ever get tired of being a bore? Just because you’re a dull being doesn’t mean I have to be. Let’s face it, women are my life." With that, Nicolas gestured with open arms to the ladies dancing provocatively in front of them.
Two women grinded against each other and it was no surprise when they started kissing. One snagged a hand full of hair and jerked the others head back to bite her way down a slender neck until she took the shot held between a generous set of breasts.
Nicolas whooped then whistled while Aiden yawned. He should've been excited to watch and maybe even want to join them like most men might. But they didn't excite him and he didn’t want to join.
No emotion.
No desire.
He felt nothing.
Life for him revolved around the Society. He worked as a Guardian for the Society. After Luciana’s death a hundred years earlier, he bored of everything except killing rogues. At five hundred, there wasn't much he hadn’t experienced. Now he hunted rogues, a life he lived surrounded by decapitation and decomposing bodies.
When the time came, Aiden trusted Nicolas to watch his back. No matter how much Nicolas preferred to play and screw around. Nicolas stood over six feet and was three hundred pounds of pure power. He could manipulate any weapon to destroy their enemy.
"The band's good tonight. Jaxon knows how to draw in the ladies." Nicolas laughed.
The whole front stage was over-crowded by only women who never took their eyes from Jaxon. Of course using his hypnotic vampire voice helped him. Not that Aiden could sing like Jaxon.
Aiden shook his head when Nicolas stalked toward two unsuspecting women and ambled after to stop him. They had a job to do and little time before the rogue took his next victim. The sadistic rogue kidnapped and butchered young women he found at clubs like the one Aiden and Nicolas hunted in. What should have been an easy assignment had turned into a four month hunt.
"Hello ladies. I’m Nicolas and this grouch here is my cousin, Aiden." Nicolas slapped him on the shoulder.
Shit. Nicolas slapped him again as he walked to the dance floor with the long legged blond. A woman Aiden would have taken for a couple of rounds at one time. Now, he felt nothing. Nicolas nodded toward the second female.
There was no time for him to waste. No matter how little he cared, Aiden didn't want to hurt the woman's feelings. He felt her eyes on him but tried to ignore her. Grinding his teeth, Aiden turned to let her know he didn't plan on hooking up with her or anyone else for that matter.
That didn't happen.
Her big blue eyes held him mesmerized. She wasn’t the type he used to go for. Though she dressed like the other women in the club, her face stayed refreshingly clear of makeup. No jewelry or piercings covered her body, leaving a clear view to the vein throbbing in her neck. She was curvier than his Luciana but he liked it.
His fangs protruded from his gums. Damn! What was wrong with him? Not since his transition had he had trouble controlling himself yet his fangs prevented him from speaking. He took a deep breath and tried to control his need.
Taking a deep breath turned out to be a huge mistake. Her blood smelled so sweet and free of toxins except for the small amount of alcohol she’d ingested. His cock grew painfully hard. He clenched his fist to keep from grabbing her. Then she spoke.
"My name’s Elle." Her voice came out so quietly. Brown hair fell forward to cover her neck as she tilted her head, and her little pink tongue moistened her lush lips.
His cock jumped and he barely retained the growl threatening to escape his lips as her gaze jerked to his lips. With fangs filling his mouth, he couldn’t talk. Without them, he'd have no clue what to say anyway. Talking wasn't really what crossed his mind. The fantasies playing in his head had more to do with taking her up against the wall or anywhere as long as he could bury himself deep inside of her. That sounded like a better plan.
He almost tried to tell her his name despite his fang problem until she moved in, grabbed his head, and kissed him.
Her kiss felt gentle at first until he grabbed her hips to pull her closer. Her body felt soft against his and so feminine. He never realized how much he missed women but he also didn't remember needing a woman more than he needed Elle.
Aiden couldn't believe the emotions rolling through his body as her tongue joined his. And he couldn't believe his need and the emptiness he felt when she jerked away.
Her cheeks turned bright red to match her full, pouty lips. She looked everywhere possible but at him. "I'm sorry."
She whipped around and nearly fell.
He caught her and smiled down at her slack jaw and wide eyes. Without warning she moved out of his arms. Now he felt shocked, but he didn’t mind the view of her enticing ass bouncing as she stumbled clumsily away.
Not letting her get away so easily after the best kiss he'd ever had, the predator inside him growled anxiously awaiting the chase. Aiden didn’t like it when a drunk human male grabbed her causing him to nearly see red, but she escaped the moron's hold quickly. As he passed the male, Aiden shoved him hard enough to knock the idiot down. Now back to getting the first girl that had tempted him in over a hundred years.

Elle felt like an idiot. Of course a man like him wouldn’t want her. He didn’t even say one word to her but she kissed him anyway. She kissed a complete stranger who had to be the hottest man she'd ever seen.
Sitting at home with a good book sounded fabulous at the moment, a book about adventurous girls who didn't regret kissing a complete stranger. Girls nothing like her.
The tingle on her lips matched the tingle between her legs, his kiss the best kind of foreplay. Elle knew he'd be mind-blowing in bed. Anya would jump for joy or pass out from astonishment if she heard that Elle kissed a stranger. Elle wouldn't tell.
Trying to focus on walking in her heels, Elle brushed against writhing bodies on the dance floor. One man pulled her into his arms before she shoved him away. Turning away, she smacked into a hard wall and would’ve fallen on her ass had strong hands not captured her. A bolt of electricity shot straight to her core. Her panties dampened and her breasts became heavy. She hadn’t run into a wall. She ran right into the rock-hard chest of the stranger she'd just attacked with her lips.
She looked up into his shocked, liquid-silver eyes. "What was that?"
An electric hum radiated through her body and her dress became uncomfortable as the material slid against her sensitive skin.
"I don’t know." His voice sounded like a growl that sent a shiver down her spine.
She wanted to jump him. No one had ever looked so damn sexy in all black. The black tee would've been so simple on most men but on him the cotton looked painted on and showed every contour of muscle.
She dropped her gaze lower to discover the impressive bulge between his thick thighs. The bulge expanded and didn’t stop. Cheeks on fire, she glanced away, mortified.
His lips lifted. "Did you see something you liked?"
The tingle between her legs became a burning need. A demanding need which frightened her. What was her problem? "Yes."
The one simple word came out of her mouth and she wanted to die but she hadn't lied. She liked what she saw very much. Flirting had never been her thing yet there she stood in front of a sex god, telling him she liked the bulge between his legs. Blaming her behavior on the drinks wouldn’t hold up long, she’d only had the two. Truth be told, everything about this guy would make a nun misbehave.
"Elle, I’m Aiden." He tilted her chin up to look into his eyes. "Dance with me?"
She could only nod as he pulled her in close. For such a large man, she couldn’t stop her surprise at how gently he held her.
She felt the weight of his stare. Burning. Intent.
The hard length of him pressed against her stomach and never in her life had she felt so aroused. She ached for his touch, nearly making her beg out loud as she ran her hands over his broad shoulders and down his powerful chest as she prayed for time to stop so she could keep touching all of his rock-hard muscles.
What the hell had he done to her?
She turned her gaze away to search for Anya and prayed it would distract her from the god-like man holding her before she did something stupid. Elle didn't see Anya but she saw plenty of bodies grinding together and some were doing much more than dancing. Looking away from Aiden hadn't helped her situation only inflamed her lust even more.
Nothing could take her mind away from the hard evidence against her stomach that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. Her mind filled with ideas. She had no clue where those ideas came from but had a feeling she should stop reading such detailed books. She expected too much out of a dance.
His hands sent a shiver up her spine as he lowered them from the small of her back to her ass. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as his fingers massaged her way too big butt.
No one ever touched her that way and she couldn't help her shock that she actually liked it. He was a complete stranger and she really didn't care as long as he kept going. It would be even better if he'd do more than squeeze her ass.
She needed to say something. The silence left her mind to think terrible things that she shouldn't be. Come on, Elle, ask him something.
His head lowered until she felt his warm breath against her ear then the tip of his tongue traced her ear from the top to the bottom. She pressed her thighs together when he bit her earlobe. The pleasure-pain caused her stomach muscles to tighten and her nails dug into his back.
He groaned and she loosened her hold. She hurt him! "I'm sorry."
His body shook and it took her a moment to realize he was laughing. When she looked up into his face, he smiled at her.
"What's so funny?" Maybe it was all just a practical joke played on her. She remembered when the most popular boy in school asked her out to prom and when she got there, he was with another girl. Surely people weren't still so cruel at their age. She still pulled away as her memory caused her to be skeptical.
He stopped smiling. "Don't leave. I laughed because you thought you hurt me when really you just turned me on even more. Why do you look so hurt?"
She almost cried when he pulled her back against him. "I've had no luck with men and you're too good to be true. Men like you don't want women like me."
When she tried to look away he grabbed her chin to force her to look into his serious gaze. "What do you mean women like you?"
"Over-weight." She wanted to leave and hide away to where no one could see her.
His hand tightened on her chin a little painfully as his eyes narrowed and his lips flattened.
She angered him but didn't understand why.
"I don't know who told you that you're over-weight but they lied." His hand let go of her chin to caress down her neck. He used both hands to cup her full breasts. "You're beautiful in every way possible. I haven't wanted a woman in years until you."
She gasped when he squeezed her breasts before moving down to her stomach. Everywhere his hands went his eyes followed. She watched how his eyes darkened and his pupils dilated. He didn't lie to her. His eyes showed her that much.
"You're so soft." His voice sounded rougher than before. "Please don't go. I wouldn't survive if you leave now."
She started to speak until the music ended to be replaced by the DJ. She looked at the singer as he left the stage and headed toward her and Aiden. He was beautiful for a man. Not feminine, just pure perfection other than his piercings and choice of attire. Elle looked back at Aiden and smiled. He was definitely all male and not beautiful, just handsome.
A cleared throat caught her attention and she realized the singer stopped right beside her and Aiden.
"Aiden, who is this lovely woman you're keeping warm for me?"
Elle couldn't take her eyes from the singer. She craved for him to keep speaking or for him to sing. "I'm Elle."
"Dance with me, Elle." She took a step away from Aiden when the singer held his hand out to her and his angelic voice ensnared her. For some reason she couldn't stop from moving toward him.
A strong grip grabbed her arm and she jerked her head away from the singer to look back at Aiden. All thoughts of the other man vanished when Aiden's silver gaze held hers. He turned away and she noticed his face hardened and his cold glare would've surely killed someone if looks could kill.
"Jaxon, she's with me and I think you should change the tone of your voice before you lose it completely." Aiden pulled Elle closer to him.
Jaxon smiled big and Elle swore she saw two sharp teeth and she froze. She blinked and the two teeth were normal again. The drinks must still be working on her.
"What kind of tone do you mean, Aiden?" The teasing note in his voice didn't seem to hold her attention as it had before.
Elle looked at Aiden again and tried to understand their hidden conversation. What kind of voice was he using?
"We'll see you later. I think you have some women waiting for your attention." Aiden jerked his head in the direction of the crowd of women waiting behind Jaxon. Before Jaxon could even say goodbye, she was pulled tight into his hold and carried away to a more secluded area of the club.
They weren't completely alone and she wasn't sure if that was good or not. "He seemed nice."
Aiden grunted and she smiled.
"Is that a hint of jealousy I hear?" Maybe she was being too presumptuous but it sure seemed like he wanted her far away from the good-looking singer.
His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "I'm not jealous."
Laughter burst from her before she could stop it. Maybe she was going crazy or was just dreaming. There was no way the gorgeous man in front of her could be jealous of another guy talking to her. "I've never had a man to care enough to be jealous."
"You've got one now."
The serious tone and growl in his voice caused the tiny hairs on her arms and neck to stand straight up. She had a feeling she stepped into deep trouble but she couldn't force herself to step away from him.

C.T. juggles raising two sons with her husband, a full time job and still manages to get her writing done. Between dirty diapers and sibling rivalry, she spends her only free time writing and escaping to the worlds that she creates. Sometimes she even manages to get some sleep…sometimes. Writing and becoming a published author is a recent dream come true. Most of what she reads revolves around paranormal and sci-fi romance, and her writing follows the same path. Not that she doesn't love a good contemporary story. The fun of weaving new worlds and species into existence is her true calling. She's a romantic to the core and wants nothing more than a happy ending. And of course sexy heroes!

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