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The Critic by Joanne Schwehm *Blog Tour*

Convey a message

Andrea Jordan dreams of acting on Broadway, and she is at the cusp of achieving success. All her sacrifices start to pay off when she lands a role that will catapult her to stardom.

Express our thoughts

Award-winning theater critic Bentley Chambers possesses the power to make or break a career. Theatergoers consider his reviews to be gospel, and actors cringe at the thought of him in the audience. His words possess power.

A heart’s not made of stone

More than one actor has been sent packing after Bentley’s bad reviews, and Andrea could be next. She won’t stand by and let him shatter her dreams, but she never thought giving him a piece of her mind would also mean giving him a piece of her heart.

Will Andrea discover on her own the passion Bentley claims she lacks, or will he be the one to draw it out of her?

Words… choose them wisely.

Andi’s POV
“Ms. Jordan!” His voice was sterner, and that irritated me.
Not only was my mind abandoning my reason for being there, but hearing his voice call my name made my skin tingle. I’d said my piece, and now I needed to get the hell away from him.
I twisted to look at him. My head craned back to meet his eyes. “What? What do you want? Am I standing in the wrong spot? Do I have a hair out of place?” I ran my hand over my head in an exaggerated manner. “Didn’t I look convincing when I gave the guy the ticket to retrieve my car?” People leaving the restaurant were looking at me as if I were crazy, so I tried to calm my nerves and took a deep breath. “So are you going to speak or just stand there looking pretty?”
He moved toward me swiftly and brought his hands to each side of my face. He pulled me to him which made me roll up on my toes and crashed his mouth onto mine. His grip became firmer as he tilted his head, making my lips part. His tongue slipped in, and I allowed it. I was totally and utterly gone. Our tongues tangled as his hands slid through my hair, and my hands went under his leather jacket to his strong back. He groaned and pressed his hips against mine. As soon as I felt what the kiss was doing to him, I backed off, looked into his deep blue eyes, and swung my hand at his face.
He grabbed my wrist, stopping the blow, and stared at me. “That is passion, Ms. Jordan.” He trailed his thumb over the corner of his lips, wiping away the moisture that had gathered from our kiss.
I pulled my wrist out of his grasp. “No, Mr. Chambers, that’s acting.”
“Bring that to the stage, and you might keep your job,” he growled without taking his eyes off me. His brows drew together, creating a small crease above his nose.
I squinted in the sunlight as he slid on a pair of aviators that made him look more like a biker than a critic. That, mixed with his perfect hair and overconfident charm, made me weak. All I could do was pray my expression didn’t scream, “I want you.” The valet pulled up with my car, and I was thankful I was wearing Converse sneaks instead of stilettos because I felt as if I could fall over. I sensed that passion in every cell of my body. Damn it, and damn him!*Version*=1&*entries*=0*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Author of Unexpected Chance, My Chance (The Chance Series), Ryker and The Critic.

Joanne was born and raised in Rochester, NY and currently resides near our Nation's Capital with her husband and two sons.

Romance is one of Joanne's favorite things and thankfully, she is surrounded by it.

Joanne firmly believes when that unexpected chance comes, take it. Don't let it pass you by - you never know what you could be missing.


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